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Project templates page:

Сreate project templates

Use this page to create templates for your projects.

Project templates save you time if you regularly work on similar types of projects. They provide a standard set of predefined values (client, languages, jobs, files, receivables etc.) for a type of project.

In other words, you don’t have to start all over again each time you need to create a similar project. After you build the foundation you will just have to add variable project values.

So first, press the Projects menu on the top panel and then click Project templates:

Proj temp menu.jpg

Or you may go to Projects=>Projects list:

Projects menu proj list.jpg

And then press the "Templates" button:

Project page templates button.jpg

In both cases, it will bring you to the Project templates page.

Now to create a new project template, press the "New template" button:

Project templates page new template button.jpg

Enter the basic data of the template and press "Create":

New project template page.jpg

It will open the Project template page where you can add the required template values (files, jobs, and finances).

Note: You can also create new project templates by saving projects as templates.

Project template view

The Project template page has the following tabs:

Project template page.jpg

The project template tabs are very similar to the project tabs (for more detailed information, please follow the links in the brief descriptions below):

  • The Details tab contains the project template details you entered during the template creation. You can update them by pressing the "Update" button.
  • On the Files tab, you can upload project input files, if necessary, and view the rest of the files related to the project template.
  • On the Jobs tab, you may assign jobs to your vendors (e.g. translators, proofreaders etc.).
  • On the Finances tab, you can enter receivables from the client and view payables to your vendors.

Action buttons

  • "Delete" – deletes the project template. The system will warn you:

Template deletion warning.jpg

If you press "OK", all the project template data and files will be deleted with no option for recovery, so please be careful using this button.

Create project based on template

You can create a project from a template.

All the project template details, finances, jobs and uploaded files will be copied to the new project.

To do so, go to the Projects menu and press the "Templates" button:

Project page templates button.jpg

It will bring you to the Project templates page.

Open the required template by clicking on its name (first, this project template should be created):

Project template list.jpg

Then press "Create project" on the Project template page:

Project template page create button.jpg

It will open the Update project details page of the newly created project, where you can change the project details and set a new deadline for this project.

Then you can set the required deadlines for jobs within the project (if any) and add variable project values (if necessary).

Update project template

On this page, you can update the basic details of the project template:

Update project template page.jpg

Press "Update" to confirm changes.

Note: If a project template has receivables that are linked to a client, the client cannot be changed.

Search project templates with filters

By default, you can see all the project templates in your database, 50 per page.

If you want to hide or display some templates from the list, you may apply filters.

You can hide or display filter fields by pressing the Filter arrow gray.jpg button in the upper right corner:

Proj temp filter isn't applied.jpg

So, you can enter the data into the appropriate fields and press the "Apply" button, see example:

Proj temp filter is applied.jpg

As you can see, the filter header turns red. It means that the filter is applied.

You may collapse (hide) the filter interface by pressing the Filter arrow red.jpg button.

Please remember the collapsed filter remains activated, and it is clearly indicated by the red color.

You can expand the collapsed filter back by pressing the Filter arrow red.jpg again.

Please note that the applied filter is remembered, so it will remain even if you leave the page.

To inactivate the filter, press the "Clear" button. The header color will turn to gray, which means that no filter is currently applied.

Project templates filters description

  • Client - displays only the projects templates for a specific client.
  • Project name - displays only the projects templates with the name containing the specified text.
  • Description - displays only the projects templates with the description containing the specified text.
  • Specialization - displays only the projects templates with the specified specialization.
  • Author - displays only the projects templates created by the specified manager.
  • Primary manager - displays only the projects templates for a specific primary manager.
  • Secondary manager - displays only the projects templates for a specific secondary manager.
  • Free of charge - displays only the projects templates marked as free of charge.
  • No jobs - displays only the projects templates without jobs.

Open project templates and client profiles

You can click items in the table to open corresponding pages:

Proj temp list items.jpg

To open the Project template details page, please click the required project template name in the list.

To open the Client profile page, please click the required client name in the list.