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On the Jobs tab of the Project page, you can:

- Create new jobs and assign them to vendors (e.g. translators, proofreaders etc.)

- Open each job from the list for editing

To start creating a new job, press "Add job". It will open Job creation/editing page.

To open a job from the list, click the job name:

W Proj jobs tab.jpg

You may also open a vendor profile by clicking the vendor's name.

Project tabs

Apart from the Jobs, the project has the following tabs:

W Project tabs Jobs.jpg

  • The Details tab contains the project details you entered during the project creation and update, click to see the details.
  • The Files tab contains all the files related to the project, click to see the details.
  • The Finances tab is used to enter all receivables from the client and to view the payables to the vendors, click to see the details.
  • The CAT logs tab calculates discounts for each type of match if you have fuzzy matches logs generated by CAT tools.