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Vendors import page:

If you already have the list of vendors, language pairs, contacts and prices, you can easily import it on this page without entering such information manually.

The vendors' information is imported step-by-step.

1. Download Excel template and fill it out.

2. Click the "Choose file" button to upload the template with your information to the system.

3. Press the "Submit" button to import the template:

Import clients from Excel.jpg

If the filled file has no mistakes, the information from it will be imported into the system.

Otherwise, the file will be returned with an indication of the found mistakes. Correct the mistakes, to be able to import the information again.

Use the VENDORS template to enter general information about vendors,

VENDORS SPECIALIZATIONS to enter specializations for vendors,

VENDORS LANGUAGE PAIRS to enter language pairs for vendors,

VENDORS CONTACTS to enter the contact information of employees (if the vendor is a company)

and the VENDORS PRICES to import prices for vendors.