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Create project page:

Create project

1. To create a project, click on the Project menu on the top panel and then click "New project":

Projects menu new project.png

Or you may go to Projects=>Projects list:

Projects menu project list.png

Then press the "New project" button:

Project New button.png

Both of these actions will open the New project page.

2. Enter the basic project data into the fields:

New project page.png

  • Project name—a name of the project, text field.
  • Description—a description of the project, text field.
  • Language pairs—source and target languages for the translation project, drop-down list of values you defined in the Language pairs settings.
  • Specialization—an area of specialization for the translation project, the drop-down list of values you defined in the Specializations settings.
  • Client—a client for whom the project is done. You can add or edit the clients on the Clients page.
  • Contact person—a contact person on the client side. You can add or edit contacts in a client's profile using the Contact persons tab.
  • Primary manager—a primary manager in your company who is responsible for this project. By default, the system selects the current user. Managers are added by an administrator on the Managers page .
  • Secondary manager—a secondary manager in your company who is responsible for this project if necessary.
  • Start at—the start date and time of the project. By default, the current time is selected.
  • Deadline at—the deadline date and time for the project.
  • Free of charge—please select this checkbox if you are doing the project for free. If you are going to charge the customer, leave it unchecked. This status can be changed when updating the project.

Note: Managers will be warned when creating a project for the client with a risk score of 3.0 or less on the Blue Board (the feature will be available soon):

Blueboard warning project creation.jpg

Having entered all the data about the project, press "Create" and the Project details page will be displayed.

3. Then you can upload project-related files to the Files tab.

4. Enter receivables on the Finances tab .

5. Assign jobs to translators on the Jobs tab. Please see also instructions for jobs .

6. When done, close the project. If needed, you may create invoice for the client and for vendors.