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There are 2 ways of adding vendors on the Vendors list page:

1. Press "New vendor" , enter vendor info, and click "Save":

New vendor adding n.jpg

2. Import many vendors at once by clicking Import from Excel :

New vendor adding from xls n.jpg

In this case, you’ll need to download the template, fill it with the vendor data and upload it to the system.

Note! When you create vendors system sends them invitations, and they can log into your system to accept and deliver your jobs,

track their POs and payments, and invoice you. Each of them gets a link to the Vendor user manual , so you won’t need to explain them anything.

For every vendor, you may add contact info, contact persons (if company), payment methods, prices , taxes, and documents.

You will be able to select the vendors when you assign job to them , create vendor invoice or enter vendor payment.

For more info on vendors, please see our wiki pages or our video tutorial Youtube.jpg

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